Actevate is all about empowering people.

Our goal is simple - to empower your people back to full productive health and pre-injury duties as quickly as possible and to ensure you have all the strategies you need to prevent risk and manage workplace injuries.

Actevate is niche rehabilitation provider with over 10 years of experience in workers compensation providing high quality rehabilitation services to businesses all over Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong areas. We pride ourselves on the quality of our people and the skills they bring to you, helping your employees but also helping you at the same time.

Actevate’s injury management services provide strategic health advice and resources to streamline the claims process and minimise disruption to productivity. From tailored one-off services including workplace ergonomic and functional assessments to ongoing case management. Our staff ensure a smooth and seamless experience for you and are always on hand to assist where possible. Our staff are well qualified as Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Exercise Therapists and Rehabilitation Counsellors.

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Actevate’s injury prevention services identify potential risks in the workplace and help you manage them. Our job is to make your life easier - to minimise risk and workplace injury, prevent claims and reduce premiums saving you money in the long run. Our expert health team help you identify issues before they arise with our pre-employment medical assessments. We offer a range of WH&S services to manage safety in a systematic way that allows you to focus on what matters.

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